Good to Meet You!

We are Alison and Emma the crochet designers, writers, and creatives at Old English Creations.

I (Alison) am a crochet designer, writer and creative. and I specialize in shawls, wraps, bags and baby.


Emma is on the technical side and is a fashionista, artist, photographer, and trend spotter.


Our Gift to You

Please download our free Essex Earwarmer pattern (which you will love) because it offers you a chance to see the high quality of our technically correct patterns.

You will benefit as all of our patterns are tested by independant crocheters for clarity and accuracy, so you can enjoy crafting with them.

Crochet Terminology

All our patterns are written in US/Canadian crochet terminology.

I work closely with my fun and trendy design partner Emma, and together we are Old English Creations. We have been designing, crafting and in the crochet business since 1995, woo hoo!

I blog about crochet at oldenglishcreations.com where I talk about your crochet business and share my ideas on running a micro-craft business.

There are stories you can read about other people’s journeys towards a life with crochet and lots of crochet tips and ideas.

What to Expect

This is a general overview of what you can expect to find here on our site.


  • Our original crochet designs
  • Information on how to set up a run your crochet and craft micro business
  • How to sell your art and crafts and the business of money


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About Alison

Alison has been a crocheter since the age of nine when her grandmother taught her how to crochet. At the time she was living in the small village of March in Cambridgeshire. There was a particular long summer when her Nana and she sat in the garden and chatted and crocheted together.

“I specialize in creative crochet designs, high quality crochet patterns and provide info on running your craft micro-business. I explore crochet as therapy and my new ebook “Crochet as Therapy” will be published later this year.” – Alison

About Emma

Emma is a colour and mixed media artist and loves creating with fibre. Emma is the more techie of the two of us and helps with the photography and website.

“I enjoy the process of design and I love to bring my creative expression to our website for your enjoyment. I am excited by the entrepreneurial aspect of a developing and running micro craft business.” – Emma


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Original Content

All content is our own.

You can read more about Alison’s story when you have a moment, and Lynn’s story is coming soon.

Thank you for spending part of your day with us.


Alison and Emma

The Crochet Wars

The war between knitters and crocheters continues unabated. If you are not a knitter or a crocheter you may not be aware of the subtle war that rages on in parlours and coffee shops across the land. I was chatting with my friend Nicole at Canadian Frost Apparel the...

Types of Crochet

Types of Crochet

 Entrelac crochet Entrelac crochet is a method of working on the side of previously crocheted pieces. The rows go in different directions and not just straight up. It creates an interesting piece and is strong. This method is usually done with color as the defining...