Author: Alison Heathcote   –   Published:  January 2024

About Our Original Crochet Patterns

Finding a crochet pattern can be quite overwhelming with the multitude of options available. However, the real challenge lies in discovering patterns that not only meet your creative needs but also adhere to high-quality standards and technical accuracy.

This is precisely why I took the initiative to craft patterns that are not just perfect but tailored specifically for you. In creating these patterns, my aim is to provide a seamless and enjoyable crochet experience, ensuring that each detail is not only artistically inspiring but also technically precise.

Pattern Sections

We have crochet patterns in the following sections:


Original Designs

All my patterns are Old English Creations original designs created by our talented designer (me).


US Crochet Terminology

Each crochet pattern is technically correct and uses US crochet terminology and not UK crochet terminology.


You can Buy Patterns

Our patterns are sold at my Etsy store.


How to Use My Patterns

You can print the crochet patterns them on paper and you can read them on your iPad or phone. By purchasing any Old English Creations patterns from our Etsy store, you are not buying a copy of a pattern; you’re buying far more: a perpetual single-user licencefor the pattern.


Your licence entitles you to:

  • Unlimited customer support from the pattern designer (that’s us Alison and Lynn).
  • You may make as many items from the pattern as you wish and sell the finished article.
  • Do whatever you wish with items made from the pattern (if you choose to sell them, please give us credit as the pattern designers.

Your licence is non-transferable and Old English Creations patterns may not be shared, passed on to others, resold, or redistributed in any other way.


My original patterns may not be reproduced by photocopy, posted on the web or sold without written permission from Old English Creations. However, you may sell the fabulous finished items you created from our patterns and in fact we hope you do. Please respect the craft and skill of the designer.


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Author Bio

Alison is a passionate crochet enthusiast and dedicated business blogger. She combines her love for crafting and entrepreneurship to inspire and connect with others.

With a knack for transforming yarn into beautiful creations and a flair for sharing valuable insights about running a successful crochet business, Alison embodies the perfect blend of creativity and practicality.

Read more about Alison’s crochet journey.

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