62 squares

Granny Jacket: Update Number 2

If you missed the start of the jacket (update number 1) and the granny square you can go back and read those posts. You can see the final post (update number 3) as well.

My crochet granny jacket is coming along now. I’ve sewn together 62 squares and two half squares, well triangles really, at the neck.



So far I’ve used one ball of taupe, two balls of purple. two balls of grey and three balls of black.


Squares Crocheted

I will need 96 squares in total.

I always sew my squares together as I go. And I like to sew in the ends every colour change. So that’s quite a bit of sewing in, but I don’t like to have it all to do at the end.



On the last row at the front (in the photo above) there are two pockets, one on each side in the middle square. Here I sewed two squares on top of each other with the gap at the top.

Pocket detail

Pocket detail

I will still add another row below the pocket, or maybe two. I’ll see. I am also toying with the ideas of making a pocket flap that goes above and maybe buttons down.

These are things that will become clearer as the garment grows.

I do enjoy making clothes with granny squares because you can take such a small item (one square) with you in you bag or even in you apron pocket as you cook dinner for the family.

I like to have a few projects on the hook at the same time:

  • A small one on granny squares like this jacket,
  • Perhaps a medium scarf for instance and then
  • A large piece like a blanket that I can’t take out of the house because it has grown too large to carry in my craft bag.

If you can’t get it on the bus it’s too big to take out. That’s where the granny square comes into its own. Portable and quick.

I will have the next update out soon.