by Alison Stapleton

A Trellis

images-1A trellis is a wooden frame found in a garden on which plants can grow. Typically climbers and roses grow well on a trellis.

it is usually squares turned on their side to look like diamond shapes.

Trellises are also used to separate sections of a garden and to add interest in the ‘garden room’ designs so used nowadays.

Back and forth to make the diamond

The trellis crochet pattern is an interesting stitch combination which is worked back and forth during the row.IMG_2295

This means the work is turned during the creation of each block or diamond.

Trellis pattern

Crochet stitches used in the trellis pattern

  • Chain
  • Single crochet
  • double crochet

First you make a foundation chain then there are two rows to the trellis pattern.IMG_2296 (1)

This pattern is based on a foundation chain in multiples or eight, so chain 80 (or 16, 32, 64 etc.).

Foundation chain: Chain 80.

Row 1: Chain 4 (as edge treble), * chain 4 (as block chain), 1 single crochet in 12th chain from hook, turn, 3 chain (as first double crochet), 4 double crochet (in 4 chain just formed), turn, 3 chain (as first double crochet), 4 double crochet in top of 4 double crochets from below, 1 triple crochet in 4th chain from foundation row *. Repeat from * to * [9 times]. 10 blocks in total.

Row 2: Chain 4 (as edge stitch), ** chain 4, 1 sc into top of block, chain 4, 1 double crochet in top of double crochet in row below to form square **, repeat from ** to ** [9 times].

These two rows form the trellis pattern.

When to use the trellis pattern

This pattern can be used in any square, flat garment like a scarf, poncho, wrap or blanket.

I like this pattern because it works up quickly but has only two rows to remember. That it is based on a square grid makes it easy to see where you are supposed to be and you can chat or watch TV and do this pattern with ease.