by Alison Stapleton

imagesColours for soft furnishings

Soft furnishings are cushions, afghans, throws, rugs, exposed tapestries and things like that.

At a stretch you can add table cloths, place mats and napkins in fact all table wear (napery).

Furthermore you can consider beautiful bed sheets, embroidered pillowcases and lacy trimmed lampshades as soft furnishings and in the bathroom, all the mats and towels with trims can be seen as soft furnishings.

Crochet is very good for all soft furnishing items for your home. either as the main component or as a trim.

50 Shades of Beige

Using brightimgres colours on soft furnishing like afghans, blankets and cushions should be done with care. This is why neutrals and beige are popular home furnishing colours.

Think IKEA and 50 shades of beige.

You want your home to be relaxing and not jangly all the time.

Managing your style and lifestyle is about managing color

Selecting colours for soft furnishings

Neutrals are best and white, cream, taupe, beige, grey and brown always look good.

Although you can make a statement cushion in red to add a pop of colour to a room, the best rooms are decorated in soft neutrals like dove grey, soft blues, pale pinks and light greens.

Do not use primary or secondary colours for your soft furnishings. Stay away from orange, purple and turquoise.

Instead use soft heather, sea foam and light apricots. Soft hues work best and will be attractive to many people.

If you make soft furnishing to sell in your store or at craft fairs you are likely to sell more if the colour is appealing.

Consider your colour choices and enjoy crafting.

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