Colours Have Meaning

You can use colour to boost your mood.

Wear the colour you like or choose a colour whose meaning is how you want your day to go.

imagesPastel, primary, jewel or darks?

Pastels (lemon, lavender, mint green, baby pink and baby blue) are calming, soothing and non-confrontational. Pastels look good on babies and the elderly.

Primaries (red, yellow and blue) all stimulate the brain but in different ways.

Jewel colours (purple, teal, amber and ruby) are grown up and indicate confidence, up beat and positive vibes.

Dark colours suggest control and power. They can imply seriousness and subdued danger.


Red is the colour of challenge, courage and sex. It says “Look at me” and that danger is near.

Red is stimulating and that is why it is the colour favoured in restaurants and good for your dining room because it stimulates conversation.


Orange is rude. It is a colour that suggests caution and be careful. If you wear orange you are sending the message that you are unpredictable and others should watch out. But that you are fun loving and unique.


Yellow is the colour of sunshine and creativity it is a difficult colour to wear near your face as it reflects a yellow glow that is not always flattering.

Yellow’s message is one of inspiration and lateral thinking. Wearing yellow aids creative solutions to problems. It is a good color to wear when you want some fresh ideas to pop into your head.


Green is the colour for peace and tranquility. It should be worn to calm and rejuvenate your psyche.

Mint green is calming but chartreuse suggests some spiky ideas running through your head.


Blue in its purest sense is what used to be called French blue and it is like a sapphire blue.

This is a strong color and the wearer is confident and fair. The darker the blue the stronger the person.

Pale blue is for young children or men’s formal shirts which are covered by grey or charcoal suits.


Indigo is a colour for getting things done it works well for men and women. It is confident and casual at the same time. Think dark denim jeans which are both smart and casual.


Violet is the colour of originality. If you wear violet you are stating that you are your own man or woman and will do your own thing in life. Violet in home furnishing can be wild flowers and heathery creamy violets work well.


White looks good on just about anyone. A sharp white blouse is a wardrobe staple. White next to your face in blouses or shirts is flattering to all complexions.


Black is a serious city color. Most people can wear black and be taken seriously. Black pants are a woman’s wardrobe staple.


Brown is a color to wear when you are feeling down and want to hide from life. It is a colour for doing nothing in. It indicates you may be forlorn or pining for days gone by. It can be a sign of depression and if you wear brown it will make you feel browned off and life weary.


Grey is a colour that wants to blend into the background. It is a non confrontational colour and suggests the wearer is passive and will conform to the will of others. It is a colour that wants peace and quiet.

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