by Alison Stapleton

We have a reputation for top quality, technically correct original crochet designs and we will not let you down.

We want you to find our patterns to be as relevant in ten years time as they are today and as such we have set in place many desirable features that we think you will appreciate.

There has been much thinking, planning and talking between myself and Lynn that has gone into our new strategy.

To make it easier for you this year we have streamlined the design of our downloadable patterns.

What We Did

Crochet Pattern Layout and Design

Before this year all of our patterns were in landscape orientation and condensed so all the information was printed on two page,s or on both side of the sheet, with a centerfold. In this way the patterns opened out like a book and they were handy and could be taken with you in your crochet bag.

But you have told us that this is not how you use our patterns.

Today you read the patterns from your smartphones and iPads and so we have formatted our patterns in portrait style. We have increased the color (as previously we were thinking of saving your printer ink), image sizes and we have refreshed the images and layout.

Color is a creative medium and we are happier with the clarity that has come to the patterns simply from better layout practices.

Now there is a clearer image on the cover and we have standardized our branding across the media websites and patterns with a fresh color palette and header fonts.

These details are cosmetic and do not in any way change the actual pattern instructions, but they do add value to your purchase of our patterns and the license you have to produce garments and a items from our patterns.

Your Favorite Crochet Patterns

The actual pattern instructions themselves stay the same. If you bought one of our patterns before the instructions are the same. If you buy a pattern now it will be in the new format and easier to use on mobile devices which is where you use them.

These changes are a process which we are working on and they will all be done eventually as we go through all the patterns.

Crochet Pattern Updates Available

If you bought our patterns from Ravelry you will get a new update of the pattern automatically. If you bought one of our patterns from this website, or from Craftsy or our Etsy shop you can email us for an update.

Please use the contact page at the bottom of the page.

You tell us you enjoy our up-to-date and on-trend patterns and we have responded with a new selection in the sections for the coming year.

Pattern Categories and New Yarns

This year we are tightening our niche and doing what we love and do well. This means we have let go of areas that aren’t working for us and focused on a new batch of high detailed pattern selections.

As we change our living style we seek ways to live a happy life with creativity and family and friends nearby.

This way of living can be supported by a lovely home with modern accessories in the kitchen and bathroom (or as our daughters now call it their “spa-rooms”).

So we are preparing to share with you beautiful and stylish items in our kitchen and dining pattern section, and the bath and spa pattern section.

Building on the need for fresh local cooking and rejuvenating soaks in the tub Lynn and I are focusing on our pattern areas as laid out below for 2016.

We will be Offering more Lifestyle Crochet Patterns for:

  • Women’s casual: Shawls, ponchos and wraps
  • Headwear: Ear warmers and headbands
  • Neckwear: Scarves, cowls and snoods
  • Bath and Spa: Candle covers, washcloths, shower balls, vanity mats and baskets
  • Kitchen: Tea towels, wash-up and floor mats
  • Dining: Table runners, placemats and napkin rings (or as we love to call it napery)

Local Sources for Natural Yarns

We will be bringing in more 100% natural yarns like wool from sheep, alpacas and cashmere, and cotton (raw and mercerized), but probably not silk (as there are challenges in the silk manufacturing process), and also yarns that are natural and manmade blends.

We are going to feature more yarns from our local area in Vancouver and British Columbia and surrounds, and using Canadian wools and crochet products more.

We will redefine what it is to be considered a local yarn, and we will evaluate the benefit of imported yarns when they support rural communities in developing countries. This is an area that needs more understanding.

The idea is to use less acrylic and more natural fiber because natural yarns save the environment and are biodegradable. This is a complex process and I will be telling you more on our yarn choices later.

Change is not easy. We are creatures of habit and like to do things the same way as before, but there is a time for change and if we take it one step (or stitch) at a time you are welcome to come along with us.

Alison and Lynn

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