Entrelac crochet

Entrelac crochet is a method of working on the side of previously crocheted pieces. The rows go in different directions and not just straight up. It creates an interesting piece and is strong. This method is usually done with color as the defining result.

Fair Isle crochet

Fair isle crochet is similar to Fair Isle knitting. Each row is worked with two colors and they change throughout the row to make designs in color. Each row has two different colors and the colors change every few rows.

For example:

Row 1: Red and blue

Row 2: Red and green

Row 3: Green and blue

But because each row only has two colors that sets the thickness of the finished item. The Fair Isles are in Scotland and women shepherdesses would tend their flocks of sheep with crochet hooks and balls of wool in their pockets. They would walk the highlands on foot working their crochet as they went.

Filet crochet

Filet crochet is a French type of crochet created in squares. The finished piece looks like a grid with open and closed spaces. The combination of open and closed results in flat pictures of roses or swans or whatever.

Filet designs were originally used to make lace curtains to cover cottage windows. These days filet crochet is used for table cloths, place mats and can be hung as art.

Filet crochet can be done in the round and resultss in beautifully intricate designs.

Tapestry crochet

Tapestry crochet is used to make thick baskets and rugs. It is a sturdy technique and the items are very firm.

You use several colored threads at once, working with one color and carrying the rest along the top of the row being worked. This makes each row very thick.

Color is changed on a stitch by stitch basis. Bowls are a good example of tapestry crochet.

Tunisian crochet

Tunisian crochet is also referred to as afghan crochet. For Tunisian crochet you use a special hook (called a Tunisian crochet hook), which typically has a crochet hook at one end and is as long as a knitting needle and has a knitting needle stop end at the other. So really it is like a knitting needle but with a hook and not a point.

Below are my two favourite Tunisian crochet hooks, (in my size 5mm as usual), and these have hooks at both ends opening up the possibilities for advanced Tunisan crochet work.

IMG_2052Tunisian crochet hooks come in all the same sizes as regular crochet hooks. With Tunisian crochet you carry many stitches at once on forward rows and hook them off on the backward rows.

Tunisian crochet makes a very thick fabric and is normally used for blankets, cushions, bags and soft furnishings.

Tunisian crochet is like a combination of crochet and knitting all in one. It is an advanced technique. Tunisian crochet can be combined with entrecôte crochet.


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