Crocheting on the Go

Crocheting on the Go

by Alison Stapleton

Making Space for Crochet

I have a special place for my crocheting at home.

I typically have at least two crochet projects on the hook at any one time. One big piece, like a blanket or shawl, and a small piece usually in granny squares.

I can keep the big one at home and take the little project with me.

I’ve crocheted in doctors and dentists waiting rooms all around the city, sat in the car waiting for kids to come out of school, and taken a small piece to coffee mornings and craft group meetings.

In one house that we lived in I had a special drawer in the kitchen only for wool and my squares so at night as, I waited for the spaghetti to cook for dinner, I crocheted a few stitches.



I have been known to have wool in my apron pocket as I prep dinner or talk on the phone.