Temperature Blanket Update

Temperature Blanket Update

It is mid-December and I want to share with you the progress on my 2018 Temperature blanket.

I make one square every day of the year. The color I use each day depends on the high temperature here in Vancouver.

Each row is 18 squares wide and will end up at 21 squares long. There will be a couple of odd fill in squares as 365 does not fit neatly into a rectangle.

Colour Palette

My color palette is:

Zero and below white, 

1C to 2C cream, 

3C to 4C taupe, 

5C to 6C light blue, 

7C to 8C teal, 

9C to 10C green, 

11C to 12C lemon, 

13C to 14C yellow gold, 

15C to 16C orange, 

17C to 18C pink, 

19C to 20C hot pink, 

21C to 22C red, 

23C to 24C magenta, 

25C to 26C violet, 

27C to 28C purple, 

29C and above black, 

Temperature blanket stash of colours.

I can’t wait to finish this this year. 

Will you make a temperature blanket in 2019?

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Close up of the joining of the squares by the “crochet in gap” method.

Your Crochet Business in the New Year

by Alison Stapleton

If you have a micro crochet business the New Year is always a good time to plan your growth and direction for your venture.

It is at the turning points each year, and for most of us that is the start in January, that you can assess what you hope to achieve in your crochet business for the next twelve months.

You can also do a review of how things went during the past year before you start the plan for your new year in crochet.

Questions for You

Ask yourself the following questions and they will help you find your path in the New Year.

These can be answered towards the end of December each year as your business naturally slows down after Christmas.

Personally I do this in the week between Christmas and New Year. I take these seven days off from the main business of selling and interacting with my clients.

I spend this time with my family and friends. But there are now hours in front of the TV and this is when I consider what I’m doing and where I’m going.

With your crochet journal in hand consider the next 365 days of your crocheting life.

In the New Year

What will you do more of?

What will you do less of?

Who will you partner and collaborate with?

Which yarns will you choose?

Which items will you continue to make?

Which items will you never make again?

Do you need a better hook?

Do you want to do more designing?

Will you start a square-a-day blanket?


Be honest. Write it down you can always go back and change things later.

You can use your crochet journal to capture your thoughts and plans for each new Year.