Crochet Granny Jacket Update #3

by Alison Stapleton

Update number 3 on the Granny Jacket

You can catch up on the basic granny square, and updates number 1 and update number 2 so you know where we are at.



Finished jacket

Here is the finished jacket with a border of five rows single crochet on both sleeves and the front and bottom edge.

There is a square folded into a triangle for the arm gusset which gives it a bit more room.




Buttons or Toggles

This week I was at my local yarn store (LYS) and looked for suitable buttons for the jacket.

i want to have something a bit chunky and I was really looking for a natural wood or toggle type button.

I still haven’t decided just how many buttons I’ll need maybe three or five. I always choose an odd number it is somehow more visually satisfying to have a non even number.



Final thoughts

This jacket has worked out well. It is slightly heavier than I had imagined and it will be really good on colder days, which is fine as winter draws on.

I like the granny square look and will probably do another one without sleeves in the taupe colour and lighter accent colours for the spring.

The pocket is a good feature and I’m even thinking of making an inside pocket higher up for my phone, you know.