Author: Alison Heathcote   –   Published: April 2013   –   Revised: January 2024

2024 Blog Refresh

Dear Reader, Starting in January 2024, I am working on a total refresh of this site. Please bear with me as I get everything sorted out. In the end it will be easier for you my dear reader. Thank you. Alison


Good to Meet You!

I am Alison a crochet designer, writer and creative at Old English Creations. I specialize in shawls, wraps, bags and baby. 


Crochet Terminology

All our patterns are written in US/Canadian crochet terminology.

I have been designing, crafting and in the crochet business since 1995, woo hoo!

I blog about crochet at where I talk about your crochet business and share my ideas on running a micro-craft business.

There are stories you can read about other people’s journeys towards a life with crochet and lots of crochet tips and ideas.

What to Expect

This is a general overview of what you can expect to find here on our site.


  • Our original crochet designs
  • Information on how to set up a run your crochet and craft micro business
  • How to sell your art and crafts and the business of money


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Author Bio

Alison Heathcote is a passionate crochet enthusiast and dedicated business blogger. She combines her love for crafting and entrepreneurship to inspire and connect with others.

With a knack for transforming yarn into beautiful creations and a flair for sharing valuable insights about running a successful crochet business, Alison embodies the perfect blend of creativity and practicality.

Read more about Alison’s crochet journey.

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