Did You Take a Vow of Poverty?

by Alison Stapleton

images-2Your Money and Self Worth

We feel good when we have money. But how much money we need to have in order to feel good is relative.

Some people actually feel better when they have less or even not enough.

It depends where you come from and your family, background and upbringing, that determines how you feel about money and self worth.

Sometimes the road to financial bounty needs a little help from within. This has nothing to do with your earning ability but is a deep issue that can be a blockage to building a thriving micro-business.

If you are serious about growing your crochet business or other craft venture then think about whether you have accepted roadblocks to wealth and prosperity.

A Vow of Poverty

Some people have taken a vow of poverty.

A vow of poverty is often an unconscious decision to be poor. You believe that it is your fate to be poor, and that you cannot be otherwise, no matter how hard you work or what you do.

It may not have been a conscious vow of poverty, or even taken in this lifetime, but if you think this may be you then you need to release yourself from any vow of poverty.

Write the following on a piece of paper:

I free myself from any vow of poverty taken in this life or a past life.

I humbly accept my bounty as deemed by God.

I am worthy of a financially good life while on planet Earth.

It is in my spirit to prosper.


Now revoke your vow of poverty by saying out loud the written vow. If you feel you need more affirmation then read it out loud to yourself every night before bed.

Next you have to live by this freedom.

You will start to believe that you have permission to:

  • Earn a fair wage or salary
  • Earn a good income
  • Accept all offers of financial help
  • Consider every wealth improvement idea
  • Charge for your goods and services at market value
  • Charge above market value for things you are highly skilled in doing
  • Honor ever cent you get
  • Respect your money as you respect yourself

These simple steps can clear the free flow of abundance towards your life.

Embrace it.