Spa Collections – Crochet Patterns

by Alison Stapleton

Inspiration for our Spa Collections

As the mother of a teenage daughter it has become a special thing in our house to change the naming of her bathroom from boring old “bathroom” to “Daughter’s Spa”.

This came about as we once again sorted through tons of makeup and brushes and other toiletries that cluttered up her bathroom vanity top and clung precariously around the basin.

That she has her own tiny bathroom is in itself a blessing in our small apartment.

I am a keen believer in purging the clutter and making peace amongst the chaos.

This has been achieved in our daughter’s spa room.

I have created (am in the process of creating) several Spa Collection accessories to add to the feeling of luxury in what can often be a cluttered and frantic room.


Make a Spa Experience in your home

As you live your busy life it is important to have a sanctuary in your home.

Each spa collection will feature different patterns for crochet items that you can make. This is a process and I will get the patterns out as soon as I complete them.

As you can imagine for a creative person the mind rushes ahead but the hands follow at their own pace.


My Spa Collections and Colour

I love colour and I know it can change the way you feel and think about things.

In a way color is magic. To choose the right colour for each spa collection was hugely important to me.

There is more about using colour in crochet in a meaningful way and the meaning of colour so you can explore the colours that resonate with you.

IMG_2367Refreshing Spa Collection (turquoise)

This collection is in tones of turquoise and white and has a feel of the water element.

Cool water purifies and rinses cares away.

It brings a cool and refreshing mood to personal cleansing of both the body and mind.

Patterns in the refreshing spa collection:

Rejuvenating Spa Collection (rose pink)

The rejuvenating spa collection was inspired by the element of fire and it is uplifting and energy giving. This special collection of bath and spa accessories in made in shades of pink and white.

These colours invoke a romantic feel and provide some excitement and action by the colour selected.

Patterns in the rejuvenating spa collection:

  • Vanity mat
  • Cotton wool basket
  • Soap cosy

Revitalizing Spa Collection (lemon)

The revitalizing spa collection feature special items for oou personal use in lemon and white. this is the colour of creativity and ideas. this spa collection has been made to give you a lift during a busy day.

if you have a day at work and then still want to go out to another work event or on a date then the revitalizing colour of yellows and white will give you the extra lift needed to keep going.

Patterns in the revitalising spa collection:

  • Scrub pouf
  • Soap case
  • Wash cloth
  • Makeup wipes

Renewal Spa Collection (cucumber)

The renewal spa collection is created in cool cucumber and white. This is a light green pallette and offer you a chance to recharge your batteries and renew your spirits.

The renewal spa collection is inspired by the element of earth and has grounding properties. It offers you support and a chance to get back to basics.

Patterns in the renewal spa collection:

  • Eye mask
  • Floor mat
  • Slippers
  • Votive candle cover
  • Soap cover

Relaxing Spa Collection (Lavender)

The relaxing spa collection has shades of lavender and the scent of the lavender sachet relaxes you through its aromatherapeutic properties.

This collection can be used before bed to aid good sleep and full rest at night.

Patterns in the relaxing spa collection:

  • Wash cloth
  • Eye mask
  • Tissue cover
  • Lavender sachet
  • Soap bag

Reflection Spa Collection (citrus)

The reflection spa collection is created in tones of orange, tangerine with a touch of cinnamon. It is inspired by the (Chinese) element of wood.

This special collection can be used to aid reflection, or looking back over your day to seek understanding in what went down.

Many people struggle to let go of difficult or challenging experiences perhaps with colleagues, bosses or toxic family members and this color palette will aid clarity and acceptance.

Yes, maybe you were wrong but accept it and move on.

Patterns in the reflection spa collection:

  • Vaniity mat
  • Candle cover
  • Votive candle cover

Rugged Spa Collection for Men (platinum)

This is a more direct colour combination of platinum, silver, jet and white. There is a spark of humour with a definite clarity and sharp contrast in the colours used.

It offers a bracing feel and a masculine tone.

The rugged spa collection is designed for men who care for their body but don’t take themselves too seriously.

Patterns in the rugged spa collection:

  • Shower ball
  • Back scrubber
  • Exfoliating mitt
  • Floor mat



Springtime Spa Collection (Wedgewood blue)

The springtime spa collection is in cool and serene Wedgwood blue.

Patterns in the Springtime Spa Collection

  • Springtime washcloth
  • Springtime bath mat
  • Springtime Candle cosy