Stories and Yarns

The Journey towards having a Micro Craft Business

Here a some true stories about craft business owners and their experiences about bringing their talents to market.



How I became a crocheter

Everyone has a “How I came to be a crocheter” story. Your story may be simple and have a lovely journey that you can share.

This is an invitation to share your crochet stories.

Tell you story here. It lets our readers glimpse the real stories of crocheters.

Your story may inspire others to start their journey.


Bundle of Joy – The Baby Shop

The Sewing Lady

Your First Crochet Sale

The Doll’s House Maker

Piece work, crochet and Cosmopolitan

The Crochet Wars

Alison’s Story

Lancashire Day

Lynn’s Story


If you wish you can send in your story.

Names have been changed.