by Alison Stapleton

Clarity and colour is key in your business card design

This week I’ve been playing around with my new business card design.

I’m going to keep it simple and use good design practices.

I love the Helvetica neue font so that’s my choice. It can be bold or super thin and always looks fresh.

My only colours are red for the rose and black. Choosing only two colours keeps the printing costs down.

Having “white space”  (the gaps between the logo and the words) makes it easy to read.

The four elements in my new business card are:

  • Logo top centre
  • My name in capitals in the middle
  • My website address
  • My tagline

These four elements are really all that is needed.

You don’t need a phone number no one phones anymore, and if they want to contact me they can Tweet or email from the information on the website contact page.

I’ve had experience in other online business where people call me on the phone at 6am on a Sunday, like they were my friend, but I’ve never met them.

Be wary of too much information. If I do give my card to a customer I may handwrite my phone number on the back if they insist.

First draft

So it will look like this:



Creative Crochet Design

Logo the Red rose of Lancashire

I got the logo I am using sorted out earlier in the month, it is the red rose of Lancashire.

There is a story behind this choice as well all about how I chose the name Old English Creations way back.

Lancashire in Merry Olde England is my home county, and some days I feel old as well.

Lancashire rose

I am creative every day of my life and I wake-up in the morning with ideas and inspiration for crochet patterns, writing projects or craft, gardening or cooking recipes I plan to make.

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Live your creative life everyday.


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