by Alison Stapleton

Share Your Crochet Stories and Yarns-page-001 (1)Your invitation to share

I invite you to share your stories and yarns about how you got into crochet, and how crochet has saved your life, changed your life or improved it in some way.

And we want to hear about how you use crochet as a form of income.

You can read stories about the Doll’s House Maker and his Christmas story, and The Sewing Lady and other stories.

We invite you to share your stories

This is to inspire others to make their life better through crochet.

Back in the day people would sit around the campfire after dark and share their stories. Storytelling has been part of the human experience for centuries.

Today we don’t have a campfire but we have the Internet and website to read our stories from.

I am gathering together stories and yarns that can inspire others to pick up their hook and start crocheting towards health, wealth and a better life.

Do you have a story about:

  • How crochet changed your life?
  • How crochet improved your life?
  • How crochet brought some sanity and system to your life?
  • How you enjoy making things with crochet?
  • The feeling of your first sale?
  • Your “Hook Day” story

Share your stories with us and we will print them on our blog.

You may add your email address and web address if you wish or not (this is optiona)l. You can change your name or use a pen name if you like. We don’t mind.

We just want to hear your stories and yarns about crochet.

Storytelling fosters belonging

Many cultures made fairy tales like Cinderella and Hansel and Gretel to tell of the things that happened in their history.

These were everyday things and add to the family knowledge and foster a feeling of belonging.

If you want to belong then being part of the crochet story is a way to start.

Repetition is part of the story of crochet both as in the repetition of stitches and the repetition of the stories.

Here is a short video from The Gothamist, about the woman in New York City who wanted a seat on the subway for her crochet and yarn and argued hard to keep it from a man who wanted to sit down. She was passionate about keeping the space for her yarn.

Stories coming soon

The story about woman who was not allowed to take her crochet hook on a plane because it was thought of as a weapon, and how she overcame it in a unique way.

How to contact us

If you would like to contribute write to us in the form below. All stories will be read and respected.

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