Prayer Shawls

by Alison Stapleton

Prayer Shawls and Wraps

Prayer shawls are usually triangles and prayer wraps are rectangles.

The shape does not really matter but it does change the flexibility of the garment.



Prayer shawls are made with someone particular in mind. That special person is thought about during the crocheting time. Each time you pick up the work on a prayer shawl you will say a prayer for the person.

Not all prayer shawls have someone special in mind and they can be made as gifts for those who need some extra help.

Typically you would give a prayer shawl for someone who is ill and recovering. Or someone who is in a hospice and is dying. You can also give a prayer shawl for those suffering from bereavement at the loss of a loved one.

Prayer shawls can be made for drug rehabilitation patients and those going under chemotherapy and who are suffering by the invasive treatment.

Women who suffer from miscarriage or stillborn children can benefit from a prayer shawl.

Prayer shawl designs

It can be a straightforward pattern in one shade of a combination of colour.

Some prayer shawls have a Christian cross in pattern or color. Only if you know the faith of the recipient can you add religious symbols.

Many prayer shawls have angels and hearts symbolizing love for the person who gets the shawl.

Group prayer shawls

Some prayer shawls are made from granny squares where many people contributed a square and one person sews them all together.

Group prayer shawls are a collaborative effort and are usually well received by the person.

A prayer shawl for a stranger

Perhaps you want to make a prayer shawl for someone unknown this is perfectly alright.

You can instill your love, thoughts and prayers for whomever it goes to.

Many prayer shawls are signed or labelled by the creator.

I like to make prayer shawls for my daughter and daughter-in-law. It is a nice thing to do.

Everyone can benefit from our love, thoughts and prayers.

Share yours.

A thought, a word and a deed

Every craft project starts with a thought, a word and a deed.

  • Think about who you can make a prayer shawl for in your family.
  • Say the prayer words that you want every time you pick up the work and start crafting.
  • Give the finished prayer shawl to the person you have in mind or sell to another who is sure in the knowledge that you have created your prayer shawl with love and prayers.

Prayers for Prayer Shawls

Bless this shawl.

Bless the person for whom I’m making it.

Give me strength to create a beautiful shawl.

When this shawl is worn, allow my prayers to be with them, so they know they are not alone.

Let them find comfort in the honesty of the stitches.

Let them know it was created for them with love in your name.

Bless this shawl.