Crochet Project

This year I’m crocheting a temperature blanket. Ok, I’m actually making two but more on that later.

I’m using the square-a-day method where you crochet one square each day for the high temperature in your city.

The Color of the Squares

The color of each day’s square comes from the high temperature for each day of the year. So, you don’t know what the color will be until you check the daily high temperature.

This is what makes every temperature blanket unique, not only to the city, but to the year.


I live in Vancouver, so I’ll be using the high temperatures here.

Your City’s High Temperatures

I get my temperatures from my phone, either through the weather app or I simply ask Siri, “Hey Siri, what is the high temperature today?” and she tells me.

Celsius Temperature Colors (Canada, Europe, South Africa and Australia)

I use Celsius temperatures here in Canada and these are the colour I’m using for each range of two temperatures:

-11C to -10C black

-9C to -8C charcoal

-7C to -6C dark grey

-5C to -4C medium grey

-3C to -2C dove grey

-1C to 0C white

1C to 2C cream

3C to 4C grey/taupe

5Cto 6C light blue

7C to 8C teal

9C to 10C green

11C to 12C lemon

13C to 14C yellow gold

15C to 16C orange

17C to 18C pink

19C to 20C hot pink

21C to 22C red

23C to 24C magenta

25C to 26C violet

27C to 28C purple

29C and above black

Fahrenheit Temperature Colors (USA)

If you have your temperatures in Fahrenheit like in the USA then use these colors for each range of two temperatures:

12F to 15F black

16F to 19F charcoal

20F to 23F dark grey

24F to 27F medium grey

28F to 31F dove grey

32F to 35F light grey

36F to 39F white

40F to 43F cream

44F to 47F grey/taupe

48F to 51F light blue

52F to 55F teal

56F to 59F green

60F to 63F lemon

64F to 67F yellow gold

68F to 71F orange

72F to 75F pink

76F to 79F hot pink

80F to 83F red

84F to 87F magenta

88F to 91F violet

92F to 95F purple

96F and above black


I’m using the yarn Impeccable by the company Loops and Threads as it comes in many colors which is important, see below, and it is readily available from my local yarn store (LYS).

It is a medium [4] weight yarn.

You can get this yarn online here…


I’ve chosen a 5mm crochet hook as I do not like working with smaller hooks because it’s hard on my eyes.

I have the hook with the thicker handle to help with hand cramp and aches from too much crocheting.

Granny Square

I am using the basic granny square and you can check out the pattern here.

Square Layout Grid

My blanket will be 18 by 21 squares. 

This leaves some space over at the end of the year in which I embroider the year and the city name. More on finishing that later,

Joining as You Go

I am joining my squares with the crochet together as you go method so there is no sewing up in the end.


I will add a border when I get to the end.